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From our hotel in the Vosges

Non-stop skiing, cycling and hiking!

At the heart of the Vosges, south of Colmar and Epinal, L’Ermitage is practically neighbouring Switzerland, and is connected by roads, the high-speed TGV Station in Remiremont (29 km away) and Basel-Mulhouse Airport (55 km away).

The chapel and hermitage built for Frère Joseph at the end of the 18th century can naturally be your first port of call for a walking destination. Calm reigns supreme here, as can be seen by the sombre beauty of the buildings and the serene atmosphere throughout the seasons.

The village of Ventron is located at an altitude of 640 m, and just 4 km away is the Ermitage Frère Joseph (“Les Pistes de Ventron”) at an altitude of 900 m. Stretching up to 1110 m, this is where you can enjoy winter activities there.

If you love skiing (Alpine of Nordic), try one of Ventron’s three snow-shoeing circuits for hours of fun:

  • An 800 m baby snowshoeing circuit, located in the Ermitage Frère Joseph ski resort, perfect for an easy introduction.
  • Two 2.3 and 4.2 km circuits at the Chalet des Places.

The summer months in the Vosges are full of unique riches in the areas of culture, history, nature, sport and industrial heritage. You can find out all about Alpine plants at the Haut Chitelet high-altitude gardens, have fun at the Bol d’Air Aventure park in La Bresse, discover local and international industrial history at the Parc de Wesserling, at the Musée du Textile in Ventron or the Linvosges boutique.

And don’t forget some of the other treasures nearby, such as the Alsatian wines, the Imagerie d'Épinal printing house, and the world-renowned Notre Dame de Ronchamp, a masterpiece of the architect Le Corbusier.