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Our three restaurants

L’Ermitage - a balcony over the Vosges

Do wide open spaces thrill you? If so, here’s something for you to get your teeth into! Overlooking Ventron and the soft relief of the Vosges, this place is a feast for all the eyes and palate any which way you turn. With the seasons changing both the colours and flavours, the fresh local produce does the rounds with traditional classics of French cuisine whose flavours are complimented and heightened by the local wines. The chef’s creativity means an ever-changing menu for your added enjoyment. 

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Hôtel de charme Vosges

Restaurant La Ferme de Riant

Peak tastes in Ventron

Standing proudly 2 km from Les Buttes like a lighthouse above a sea of green trees, this former mountain farm is a delightfully festive place, a hideaway where culinary creativity reigns supreme, ideal for family, personal or professional events. Enjoy a traditional lunch with friends, candlelit dinners side by side, stunning cocktail events, a ball under the stars, not to mention gigantic buffets to sink your teeth into - just ask for the programme!



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Restaurant Ventron Vosges

Restaurant Les Buttes

Because treating yourself is never a bad thing!

Lorraine beef and foie gras, quail fillets and veal mignon are just some of the things on offer. With a “Maître Restaurateur” at the reigns, our chef leads his team like a true artist, with the flavours and aromas flattering your senses in the delightful refined setting of the dining room, bright and cosy at the same time. Bon appétit!


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